Remote Support Center (RSC) of "EC-leasing" is a modern computing center, which provides stages of designing, modeling, approbation and testing our customers' solutions in the conditions, which are most approximate to industrial exploitation's conditions.

Any changes, made in our customers' systems, are always passing stages of  designing, modeling, approbation and testing in RSC "EC-leasing".

Remote Support Center (RCS) uses its own modern Call-center to communicate with our clients.

Direct phone of duty engineer (all-day): +7 (495) 382-69-74  

On the basis of RSC were created:

Quality control service of "EC-leasing"

Quality control service of "EC-leasing" provides an independent, anonymous feedback of our customers with the company's leadership, what guarantee an obtaining of authentic reviews about the projects realized and supported by our company.

The technological base of the computing center of "EC-leading"

EC-leasing Co. has a powerful technological database, allowing to provide automated systems life-cycle, including research, design and drafting, development, testing maintenance and technical support.

Computer Centre (Data Processing Centre ) of EC-leasing Co. is equipped with modern hardware with installed up-dated software, ensuring optimal solutions for both inner needs of the company and needs of the customers.

The base of Data-processing Centre constitutes equipment, manufactured by IBM, starting with enterprise-scale mainframes, and finishing with Intel Architecture Servers.

IBM z114 IBM z10 IBM z800

IBM System z114, z10, z800 servers with Operation Systems: Z/OS, VM, SUSE Linux for System z, Redhat Linux for System z

IBM System P

IBM System P servers with CPU  POWER 6,7,7+, 8
and  OS AIX 6.1, 7.1, RHEL

IBM System X, HP, Dell

Servers IBM System X, HP, Dell
with OS: VMWare, Windows, Linux

IBM System Storage DS8100

HI-END Disk System
IBM System Storage DS8100 

IBM Tape Library TS3500

Tape library IBM TS3500

IBM Data Storage DS4100

Data Storage hardware IBM DS4100

Data Storage hardware Storwize V7000

Data Storage hardware Storwize V7000

IBM PureData Systems for Analytics (Netezza)

Accelerator for Analytical information processing
IBM PureData Systems for Analytics (IBM Netezza)

IBM DB2 Accelerator

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA)

EC-leasing Computer Complex is equipped with uninterrupted power supply and conditioning systems, as well as with main and backup communications links.

At the premises of EC-leasing computer complex there were elaborated and set up: