Schmid Alexander Shmid

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company «ЕС-leasing» (ЕС-leasing Co.)
Doctor of Science in Engineering (D. Sc.), Professor.
Began his working career in NICEVT in 1969:
since 1988 – Technical Department Head of COMICON CAD Countries and Soft:
since 1992 – Chief Design and Production Manager of NICEVT:
the Founder of the Company.
 Savchenko Alexander Savchenko 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
JSC «ЕС-leasing»
 Grishin Igor Grishin 

First deputy division Director
JSC «ЕС-leasing»
 Mahortov Sergey Mahortov 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
JSC «ЕС-leasing»
 Pozin Boris Pozin 

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of JSC «ЕС-leasing»,
doctor of technical sciences,
 Efimov Konstantin Efimov 

Deputy General Director
JSC «ЕС-leasing»