EC-leasing Co. has a reputation of a reliable and devoted partner. Our success and achievements are based on expertise, competence and wide experience in IT sphere of each out of more than 120 employees, working for the company.  

The employees specialize in the following focus areas: consulting, hardware (devices, complexes), system middleware and software, software engineering and developing. Most of the EC-leasing Co. staff  possess many years’ experience in software development of both applied and system-defined types.

The employees of EC-leasing Co. comprise doctors of science, candidates of engineering sciences and economic sciences, seven of them are awarded with honors, orders and medals.

The EC-leasing Co. employees  are granted with 22 Inventor’s Certificates. The two of the team are awarded  with the Badge “Honorary Inventor”.

Many experts of  EC-leasing Co. staff  are awarded with certificates of the vendor companies, such as IBM, Citrix, Oracle, COGNOS.

In EC-leasing Co. staff appear experts, who are authorized instructors of  IBM WORLD TRADE CORPORATION and Hewlett-Packard Development Company.

EC-leasing Co. employees participated in the Project on elaboration of Red Book Document Package of IBM WORLD TRADE CORPORATION.

The Team of the company make up the professionals, awarded with the certificates of various levels in IT Management sphere, issued by independent international institutions ISEB, EXIN and itSMF, including the highest at the present moment qualification rating - ITIL Expert.

The experts of the company take part in books writing and editing on IT Management  at International Level, work in co-operation with Publishing Houses, like Inform-IT, Expert Editors & Innovators, van Haren Publishing, and are engaged into work on IT Services Management Forum (Russian Branch), deliver reports at conferences and workshops, conduct master-classes for different companies, helping to master both Russian and International experience in IT Management Ssphere, compile educational resources for higher education institutions and universities.

EC-leasing experts cooperate with Training Centres of IBM and HP, working as tutors and teachers in various subjects, many of them having unique experience in Large-scale  Projects Management both in Russia and abroad.