Within the framework of the forum there took place a key event in the domestic IT history:

  • There was introduced a consolidated stand at the exhibition of the forum ahead of passing of a bill on telemedicine. The stand «Virtual Hospital» – On-line Clinic - was completely devoted to the solutions in the sphere of Internet Medicine. At a single site there was demonstrated how a healthcare provider could use mobile and telemedical technologies in order to provide managerial, consulting, diagnostic, distance monitoring services to patients, for communication and medical tasks of its staff, for the healthcare centre  management and data resources access.


The company together with its partners contributed to the work of the above said stand, which is unique for Russia.

We put forward the following solutions:

  • Endoscope.tv Mobile Application, which is a part of the specialized micro social network, intended for medical materials publication, medical treatment case studies discussion, specific information exchange, as well as independent internet endoscopists society members training

  • Information Analytical System «Estimation and Modeling of Medical Services Prime Cost of MPI (Medical and Preventive Treatment Institute)», implementing provided medical services prime cost estimation functions, estimated prime cost to MES (Medical and Economic Standard) rates comparison, forecasting and modeling of medical services prime cost, as well as various analytic reporting issuing

  • Cardio Barometer Research Analytical System, based on original self-developed methods, elaborated and being elaborated together with practical doctors. The system allows to detect, visualize and trace the patient health status tendencies under different effects remotely, making use of ECG signals analysis mathematical methods.

Deputy Director of  Моscow Clinical Research Centre  - an «ЕС-leasing» Co. Partner -   Vladislav V. Saradzhev, PhD,took part in the plenary meeting «Internet Medicine and tasks of screening, preventive treatment, early diagnostics and patient distant monitoring», he reported on «Professional Doctor Society in the Format of a Micro social Network». His speech on  Endoscop.tv, the endoscopist tool, used by endoscopists internet society,  aroused great interest among the doctors.   


More dertailed information on the Forum can be found at:  http://armit.ru/medsoft/2017/


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