The Xth International Scientific Practical Conference "Electronic Kazan 2018", in which "EC-leasing Co." appeared among the orginizers, is successfully over in Kazan.
Alexander Savchenko, the EC-leasing General Director addressed the participants his welcoming speech.
Vitaly Chuguniv, the IT Director, illustrated the practical cases of modern analytical system usage for the purposes of the municipal offices (municipalities) and private companies.
Vladimir Shvey, the Educational Project Centre Head, delivered his report, the topiс of which was "New Teaching Means of Big Data Analysis and Processing Tools and Technologies".
The guests from abroad shared their experience on distance e-learning introduction at the higher education universities in Bratislava (Slovakia) in the form of gamification. The latter turned out to be the most discussed topic and it aroused disputes and adverse opinions.

The audience asked the speakers topical and acute questions, the answers to which proved to be no less noteworthy.

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