Information-analytical platform (IAP) is a prepared universal environment for analytical business-applications’ deployment, focused on solving current information-analytical problems of our customers.

Key features of the platform:

  • Standard technological process of information-analytical system and management system of this process are already realized;

  • IAP’s employment allows to focus analysts’ efforts on solving business tasks rather then on building of infrastructure – all infrastructure issues have been resolved;

  • Principles of vertical and horizontal scalability and the ability to expand the structure of business tasks, solved by the system, are established in infrastructure’s components of IAP;

  • At the request of our customers, IAP’s architecture allows to vary implementation’s toolkit of IAP’s subsystems from IBM’s enterprise solutions (IBM Cognos BI, IBM Infosphere, IBM BDW model) to Open-source solutions;

  • It can be provided in the cloud area EC-Cloud or in the environment of Amazon EC2, which remove the need for your own technical resourses.

Architecture of information-analytical platform is shown below 

IAP includes the following subsystems:

  • Subsystem of data's collecting and delivering (SSDD);
  • Data Integration – Extract, Transform & Load (ETL);
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), created with the use of the IBM's principles of storage's constructing, including industrial models IBM Banking dataware house, insurance;
  • Analytical subsystem – Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Metadata management subsystem;
  • Administration subsystem, responsible for all technological processes' organization and administration of the IAP.

Realized projects:

  • CIAS of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation
  • RTGS Analytical Subsystem 

Projects with our participation:

  • EDW of the Central Bank of Russian Federation 

Certificate of registration:

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