Archiving systems - it is a inexpensive way to safely store a huge amounts of data (electronic archives) providing a "transparent"(controlled) data access for users (automated process). Often the value of the stored data is much higher than the cost of resources for their storage.

Archiving system can be used to store:
  • electronic documents, such as payment documents of the banking system;
  • audio and video information, including TV and radio broadcasting;
  • archives of telephone records of digital ATS;
  • e-mail archives and others.
The system provides an automated collecting of information from the following sources: information systems, digital ATS, audio-video surveillance systems, corporate e-mail servers.

Key benefits:

  • a "cheap", comparing with disk storage, way to store a huge amounts of data (archives);
  • the possibility of organizing "transparent" user access to archived data, using automatization access technology for archived information with the help of robotic tape libraries;
  • information security of archived data from internal and external threats.

Find out more about the organization of the analysis of huge volumes of historical data using the technology IBM Watson Content Analytics in the section of the solution center IBM BIG DATA!  

Archiving system, developed by «EC-leasing», is a typical complex software and hardware solution that provides conducting of electronic archives, which includes a set of software and hardware tools, technical and technological procedures, which allow to deploy and effectively use information archive management services, provided electronically. 

Our solutions for conducting of electronic archives provide:

  • effective organization of interaction with sources and cunsomers of archived data;

  • guaranteed long-term storage of electronic archives;

  • efficient and transparent management of archive funds;

  • independence from device types and storage environments, which used for maintenance of electronic archives;

  • complex protection of documents and data in the archival collections.

These solutions allow to create flexible and scalable systems of electronic archives maintenance (archiving systems), considering different kinds of conditions and characteristics of the work with archival documents and data.

What is included in our solutions?

Functional management of electronic archives provided by application software components of its own design ("The core of the archive system"). IBM WebSphere Application Server is used as a runtime kernel component.

To collect the data directly in the sources of archived data and transmit copies of archived data to the consumers detachable components were developed («Agents of the archiving system»), that allow to realize remote interaction with the core of the archive system. The agents of the archiving system are developed in two versions – for an execution in applications servers environment, and to run in different operating systems.

For the data exchange between the Agents and the Kernel and for information's exchange between the components inside the Kernel it is supposed to use the Message IBM WebSphere MQ and superstructure of File Transfer Edition.

The transparency of the electronic archives management, located on the devices and/or in the environment (networks) of data storage, is achived by using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

A record keeping in electronic archives is achieved by using database management systems, and the core of the archivving system can use IBM DB2 or Oracle Database as DBMS.

In interaction with the sources and consumers of archived data, and for accounting organization the archiving system's kernel uses different mechanisms of cryptographic information protection, based on private solutions and certified products of leading russian's companies.

Offered software solutions for the archiving systems' building are cross-platform. The collecting of archiving data can be performed from different sources (file systems, databases, message queues).  A sending copies of archived data to the consumers can be made by using different technologies (file transfer using industry protocols SMB, NFS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP; sending messages and files across the WebSphere MQ objects and MQ FTE; post copies of the data in the user's database).

Where are our solutions used?

On the basis of these solutions «EC-leasing» company made the development and implementation of  3 archiving systems in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (The Bank of Russia) in 2009-2014. Key features of the archival systems:

  • the effective management of the electronic archives of the Bank of Russia, in accordance with the regulations of the Russian Federation and regulations of the Bank of Russia;

  • scalablility, failover and disaster recovery using a unique system and hardware resources based on high-tech solutions of IBM on the platforms System z Systems and xSeries;

  • efficiency in non-stop mode 24x7x365;

  • the effective role model that does not require changes to the organizational structure of units of the Bank of Russia, which make an operation of the archiving systems;

  • interaction with existing information security systems of the Bank of Russia.

Our company is ready to make development and designing of archiving systems, considering the requirements, conditions and characteristics of  our customers' infrastructure.