The system of software's automated deployment and integrity control is designed for initial deployment, updates installation and integrity monitoring of application subsystems' software of our customers.  

The key advantages of the system: 

  1. Increasing automation level of the support processes of ours customers' software complexes at the part of installation and configuration updates for software, issued by the developer - reduction of the required staff qualification, which administrates the system;
  2. Reducing errors when installing updates on ours customers' software by reducing the impact of human factor on the processes of assembling and updates installation;
  3. Increasing information security level - the control of modifications' integrity and systems' runtime environment, monitoring and logging of staff's actions, control of the system's technological processes.

Automated processes:

  1. Assembling/integration of the software; 
  2. Installation/rollback of the software updates;
  3. Control of the software integrity (source packages of modifications and software, installed in the runtime environment);
  4. Analysis of the current state of the stand's configuration .

The main characteristics and features of the system's implementation:

  1. J2EE applications with Web-interface – cross-platform; 
  2. Standardization of the support processes for all controlled systems; 
  3. Uniform format for software updates - a package of modifications; 
  4. Assembling of the executable system consisting of ~ 900 modifications packages is performed for about 10 minutes; 
  5. Installing and configuring the application in the following environments: IBM WAS, IBM MQ, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, Oracle, IBM DB2, UNIX/Linux/Windows Scripting, z/OS Commands.