EС-Leasing is one of the leaders on the Big Data market in the Russian Federation.

People are constantly creating a big amount of diverse information: in social networks, discussion forums, blogs and information resources.

In today's world, when every active person is connected to the Internet via mobile devices, and generate diverse information (video, audio, visual information, text), Big Data and Machine Learning technologies are used to analyze the huge flow of information.

This amount of information is more than the existing storage facilities are able to store. Most of the information is lost forever. The missing information contains a huge amount of useful knowledge for all sorts of companies and public organizations, which can be extracted using Data Mining tools.

This knowledge may include: preferences, disappointments or intentions of certain groups of the population.

For example, residents of the Moscow region, or clients of a large company (a mobile operator, bank, energy producer, utility provider), or some certain social class such as schoolchildren, students, pensioners, etc. can be understood under the population groups.

Special methods of predictive analytics are used to determine the intentions of the groups.

This knowledge can be used to generate the correct policy in the area of state regulation, for the preparation of a marketing campaign in the private business sector, as well as in the field of risk management, security, etc.

EC-leasing has a wide experience in various Big Data technologies. It can be open source solutions or products of IBM (world market leader in Big Data systems).

To solve your problems EC-leasing with the participation of IBM and Bank of Russia established the Competence center of IBM Big Data.

ЕС- leasing is awarded with the status of IBM Premier Business Partner and has experience in the practical application of the majority of IBM solutions, including all IBM Big Data platform tools.

For those who wish to be trained on the tools IBM Big Data platform, we are ready to provide practical training materials or to conduct the courses on the basis of the Competence Center IBM BIG DATA.

EC-leasing has a set of already implemented program applied complex (PAC) for the following types of Big Data tasks:


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Prediction of "banks runs"

Identification of affiliated persons

Detection of insider facts


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Monitoring of competitors' prices

Search for clients based on the profiles of potential customers


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Check of employees on abuse or promotion and propoganda of narcotic drugs

Identification of external factors and data collection for evaluation of company's reputational risks, brand names and current projects


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Analysis of social tensions in the region

Search for information about the company's administration board management, key personnel black mailing offenses, their families and team inner circle

To view our projects and their practical implementation we invite to visit our Competence Center of IBM Big Data at the following address: 125, Warshavskoye Shosse, Building 1, Moscow.