At the present day the server consolidation is one of the milestones for information system optimizing.  The server consolidation target is to obtain a high efficiency rate. It allows cutting the number of physically detached servers supporting the information system by means of their functional load migration to one or more large-powered computers.

Benefits of server consolidation


  • Reduction of staff expenses due to cutting of the amount of data processing centers. It allows increasing the specialization range at cutback of duty for IT special staff.
  • Consolidation allows storing of information more efficiently by means of quantity reduction of current technique.
  • Lessening the number of licenses for the software in use.


  • Protection rate of environment increases.
  • Consolidation improves repository volume and performance management, security level, and decreases adaptation time to the business requirements updates.


  • Server number reducing, specialization increasing, and requirements to staff qualification decreasing gives administration and support efforts decreasing.
  • High technologies use to store data decreases data retention/recovery procedures runtime. Those improve performance reliability and availability.
  • Automated control system use, operational process documentation, software and hardware standardization, as the result of standardization and simplification of server infrastructure, improves the operational process management.

"EC-leasing" company has performed a number of projects on server consolidation for the Bank of Russia.