EC-leasing is very excited to share with you information and a new solution that can improve your use of IBM operating systems and their guest applications. Our solution is closely linked to IBM's strategic operating system, z/OS.


We are now offering a new zSeries Systems Software Product. This offering is called zISX (Interpretative Systems Executive for z/OS). zISX facilitates:

  • migration to z/OS for z/VSE and VSE/ESA customers and any other customers who operate IBM S/370, S/390, or zSeries Operating Systems
  • ability to consolidate UNIX server solutions on a z/Linux platform operating as a guest of z/OS


The key that distinguishes zISX is that IBM S/370, S/390, and zSeries Operating Systems can now operate as a z/OS TASK. The resulting benefits are those that generally accrue to tasks of z/OS applications:

  • improved batch and online performance
  • higher level of security
  • new I/O support
  • System Managed Storage (SMS)
  • use of z/OS networking
  • dynamic resource allocation and resource efficiency
  • Work Load Manager
  • Job Scheduling/Automation Programs

The specific operating systems supported by zISX as a TASK of z/OS include:

  1. S/370 - DOS, MVS/SP, VM/370, AIX/370, TPF/370 and DPPX
  2. S/390 - VSE/ESA, OS/390, AIX/390, TPF/390 and now Linux/390
  3. zSeries - z/VSE, z/OS, z/Linux
  4. Any stand alone S/370, S/390, or zSeries applications

zISX was developed in Russia to meet specific customer needs. ISX is presently operating at more than twenty major Russian customer installations. The product is fully supported by EC-leasing. It will generally take less than 3 days to learn how to operate and install zISX and the guest operating system in a complete operational environment.

An example of ISX's robustness is IBM's initial support for the DPPX/370 version of ISX. On Feb 2, 1999 IBM EMEA announced via Announcement Letter ZP990208, ISX/DPPX for OS/390. This version of ISX allows DDPX/370 to run as a TASK of OS/390. This product has been successfully installed in Germany at the Hella Company plus it is in test at other large German customer installations.

Working with the IBM zSeries Server Division's Solution Partnership Centre, we successfully performed a Functional Test of ISX in a VSE/ESA environment, March 2000.

We have launched a formal worldwide marketing program, which should enhance your capability to exploit z/OS. Our ability to operate z/Linux as a task of z/OS should open up new opportunities for all of us, including the exploitation of all of the latest features of Oracle for z/Linux.