Information Security System (SOIB) - is a complex solution, which allows to determine actual threats and vulnerabilities of information security (IS) and to organize the defence. 

SOIB resolves the following tasks:

  • Protection of informational assets and informational-telecommunicational infrastructure of the organization:
       – protection from unauthorized access;
       – audit of the IS;
       – protection from malicious code;
       – network security;
       – protection at the operating systems' level;
       – cryptographic protection;
       – protection at the databases' level;
       – protection at the applications' level;
       – virtual platforms' protection.

  • Managing IS of the organization:
       – risk management of IS, actualization of policy, threat models and IS's violators;
       – management of IS's incidents;
       – verification of organization's informational systems confirmity to requirments of internal security policies and regulators' regulations (federal legislation, guidance documents of FSB, FSTEC, Roskomnadzor, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation);
       – submititting reports to the leadership.


ISS considers all relevant threats and legislative requirements .

System's structure 

Structurally IIS has the following form:


SPUM – Specialized subsystem of control and monitoring.

The following functions are executed at rhe kernel level of IIS :

  • Risk management of IS;
  • Centralized management of IS's incidents (IS's monitoring and response);
  • Centralized management of users accounts;
  • Centralized pass-through authentication and access control.

Technically, these functions are performed by resolutions of SIEM, IDM, Access Management, ESSO, Risk management.

Information's protection from the effects of malicious code is provided at the SPUM AVZ level.

Hardware and software protection from unauthorized access and information leaks (SZI class solution from NSD and DLP) is provaded at the SPUM SZI from NSD level.

Network protection (firewall, network authentication, configuration analysis of network equipment) is provided at the SPUM IS LAN level.

Database protection (solutions for databases' protection) is provided at the SPUM IS DB level.

Operating systems protection ((MS Windows, AIX, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux, HP-UX, HP-Tru64, OpenVMS, Solaris, z/OS, Linux for System z) is provided at the SPUM IS MS Windows, SPUM IS SOS and SPUM IS z/OS levels. 

Realized projets

  • SOIB of the collective information processing center of the Bank of Russia in Moscow
  • SOIB of the collective information processing center of the Bank of Russia in St. Petersburg
  • SOIB of the collective information processing center of the Bank of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod
  • The subsystem of IS of information-analytical center of the Ministry of Agriculture.