Information systems and resources management is a complex problem. Our approach is based on a concept of creating the integrated information resource management system, irrespective of the organization scale and both platforms and applications being used. Another item making this concept for the systems of large corporate level is the opportunity of stage-by stage implementation of complex decision modules according to the customer financing plan.

We offer large corporate customers the integrated enterprise-scale management systems on IBM Tivoli Enterprise platform for the centralized management of information systems and resources in the heterogeneous environment.

IBM Tivoli Enterprise. Management system on Tivoli Enterprise platform provides complex management of all the IS components, technical and on-line tools, system software and applications. This management system permits to ensure the functioning of all IT framework according to concrete business-rules. IBM Tivoli Enterprise is a modular software system which includes, as a nucleus, Framework, Tivoli Enterprise Console and control module set which are specified for a concrete decision. A key element of Tivoli Enterprise management environment is Tivoli Management Framework (TMF) - it is a resource management server of all the system or its focused views. It's TMF that creates the allocated environment which integrates all levels of information system into a united management system. That provides management for information systems of any complexity including plenty of operation systems, applications, allocated networks and on-line services, and permits to adapt information system for the current needs of business.