EC-leasing, being the official partner of CITRIX company and the official dealer of Flex Engineering - the Russian company producing diskless hardware terminals - offers ready decisions on implementing terminal access technology at different enterprises.

While organizing information processing with terminal access technology, a transition from two-link structure "workstation-server" towards three-link structure "workstation-terminal server-server" is performed. At the workstation only input from keyboard and echoing the results of executing the application on the monitor display is performed. However, the user will feel as though all the applications are executed on his local computer.

The following means are used as workstations:

  • Industrially-produced diskless hardware terminals ("thin clients").
  • Existing computers (including those out-of-date). In that case, specific software - terminal client - is set up on user's computers.

eng_терминальный доступ.jpg

Implementation of terminal access technology is caused by the following advantages:

  • Decrease in expenses for maintenance and support of hardware-software tools used for automation of employees activity, due to use of modern:
    • Decisions on "a thin client" architecture.
    • Complex of technical tools.
    • The system software.
  • Increase of reliability of the information processing.
  • Decrease in expenses for administration of the system and applied software.
  • Maintenance of a regular employee operating mode, in case of his workstation failure.
  • Increase in information resources security owing to decrease of the non-authorized copying and removal of data carriers, and also entering of viruses.
  • Exception of performance by the user of alien functions (installation, software customizing, etc.)
  • Simplicity of information system scaling for maintenance of greater productivity or quantity of users served.
  • Maintenance of the removed users effective work including low-speed lines.


  •  The Bank's of Russia Terminal system