Administration of the Company pays much attention to the complex approach, working with the customers, that is why it attaches great importance to Management theme, including IT-Services Management, being an important part of a project of any level.     

The Company renders expert consulting services on the Management (ITSM) to major customers within the framework of the projects on system integration and development of architectural and managerial solutions: the Company conducts topical seminars and workshops, not to mention, that the above said knowledge, experience,  and know-how are brought into use in all the activities and projects.
The employees of the Company have gained long-term experience almost in all the spheres of IT both in Russia and abroad. This experience helps put into practice gained and updated knowledge in Management Area.

Successful Completion Examples in Management Area: 

EC-leasing Co. is not complacent with what has already been achieved, that is the reason why the employees of the company are trained to master the Management Basics, extending to acquaintance with advanced best practices and know-how and discussion of particular managerial solutions and techniques at regular times.