EC-leasing Co. has created on its own basis a Cloud Computing Competence Centre on IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator product line.

Opening the Competence Centre powered by the IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator technologies allows taking a major step on the way of representation of advantages of the cloud technologies to our customers already today facing tasks which can be most effectively solved using cloud technologies.

Competence Centre makes it possible to realize full range of services of the company on development, implementation, technical support and training of customers’ experts in operation with software of IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator. Today, such technologies are implemented practically everywhere including large players from the financial environment, telecommunications, medicine and retail trade who have the appropriate tasks and needs.

The Competence Center performs marketing functions on demonstration the latest achievements in cloud technologies evolution. The purpose of the Competence Centre foundation is implementation of the approach of "Proof of Concept" in promoting of IBM SmartCloud products.