EC-leasing company in conjunction with IBM has created on its base the Solution Center on product line of IBM Big Data.

The opening of the Solution Center of IBM Big Data allows to make a significant step on the way of showing the adventages of these techologies to the customers, who today are facing with tasks that can only be solved on the basis of large volumes and flows of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

The Solution Center allows to perform a wide range of services from IBM and her partner - "EC-leasing" company at development, implementation, technical support and customer training on working with the IBM Big Data. Today, these technologies are implemented predominantly by the big players from the financial environment, telecommunications, medicine and retailers, who have the appropriate tasks and needs.

We create integrated platforms with the full functionality based on IBM Big Data software, and also complement them with our own unique tools for performing an analytical works and their results' vizualization on any type of data. Different solutions' configurations are practiced on the base of the Solution Center, what allows to lead a practical training of human resourses for industrial exploitation of new technologies and products.

The Solution Center performs marketing functions on demonstration the lastest achievements in the development of big data processing systems. The purpose of the Solution Center's creation is is to implement the approach «Proof of Concept» while promoting IBM Big Data products. Big Data today may reveal the creation's secrets of new economic benefits to those, who have the skills and the necessary tools.

Three types of tasks are solving in the Solution Center :
1) Storage and processing of data, which amount doesn't allow to manage them by traditional relational databases.
2) Working with unstructered data. Most of data is unstructured - a natural language text, images and video.
3) Big Data reporting analysis, creation and implementation of in-depth predictive models.

IBM BIG DATA products

IBM Big Data platform is designed for collecting, processing and analysis of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. Using this platform, companies will be able to predict and identify potential risks and threats for the business, and make more informed strategic decisions.

IBM BIG DATA platform

IBM Big Data platform consists of four main components:

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights – a platform based on the software with open source Apache Hadoop, for storage and processing of semi-structured and unstructured data.

IBM InfoSphere Streams – a platform for streaming data processing.

IBM Pure Data (Netezza) – a hardware and software system for fast and in-depth analysis of the large volumes of structured data.

IBM Watson Explorer – a tool for visualization, which allows to make a search among heterogeneous information.

IBM BIG DATA learning support

Unique equipment of the Solution Center, which consists of all IBM's platforms equipment, including IBM Pure data, availability of the experts and real-world examples for demonstration allows to show the full cycle of production, storage, processing and employement of big data using IBM Big Data technologies. As a part of the Solution Center there is a specially designed stand, which allows to work on all Big Data products. Demonstration of EC-Leasing's typical solutions is also posible on this stand.