"EC-leasing" Co. has started on its base a joint IBM Rational Products Competence Center together with IBM.

The goal of the Center establishment is ‘Proof of Concept' Approach realization in order to promote IBM Rational Products.

Competence Center exercises marketing functions on the last word demo of automated software development and maintains technologies based on IBM Rational Products. The differential characteristic of the Center demo base is availability of all IBM platforms, including IBM zSeries (zOS) mainframes.

Potential customers will be able to assure themselves both evidently and practically in all the advantages of multi-platform applications creation as well as the advantages of applications migration to IBM platform, making use of IBM Rational Technology based on Eclipse and development tool means, such as IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rational Systems Developer, as well as WebSphere Application Server.

A complete technological cycle of developers' team and support services management, based on methodical provision of IBM Rational Unified Process and its adjustment to development and support service demands with the help of IBM Rational Method Composer is demonstrated.

Potential customers will be able to see and comprehend the way the planning matters of particular projects as well as project portfolio management matters are settled with the help of IBM Rational Portfolio Manager.

For those, who closely deal with development and applications support, real instances on IBM Rational Products joint use are shown. These examples are for:

  • Requirement management based on IBM Rational RequisitePro,
  • Change management based on IBM Rational ClearQuest,
  • Configuration management based on IBM Rational ClearCase,
  • Assembling management based on IBM Rational BuildForge,
  • Functional testing based on Rational Functional Tester è IBM Rational Robot, including applications functional testing, developed on other IBM platforms, on mainframes IBM zSeries (zOS) platform,
  • Load testing based on IBM Rational Performance Tester on xSeries and zSeries platforms.

There will be also demonstrated complex automated technologies on the base of the said above.

The Competence Centre is staffed with "EC-leasing" Co. employees, who were trained and certified as instructors and consultants on IBM Rational technology and methods. The above said employees took part in realization of the projects on methods and IBM Rational tool means implementation in different institutions of the RF.

"EC-leasing» Co. is a developer of Automated Testing System (ATS) based on IBM Rational tools for automated testing of payment systems of the Bank of Russia.

ATS is functioning in five regions in production mode. Both functional and load testing of three payment systems are carried out daily on regular basis with the help of ATS. EC-leasing Co. (on the basis of IBM Rational tools) is developing Support System for one of the payment systems of the Bank of Russia.

The above said elaborations and works-out are registered as VAP Solutions and they can be exhibited as a proof of the fact that advantages of IBM Rational tool means allow to develop complicated program systems of the highest quality in fixed time within the limits of the scheduled budget. Making use of the above mentioned technologies it is possible to estimate development expenses, as early as the first stage of project realization, that considerably reduces software development and support total costs, it also allows to increase IT Implementation Efficiency Index, return of investment (ROI).

Establishment of Competence Centre on IBM Rational technologies allows to breakthrough on the way of presenting to the customers of these technologies advantages and wide variety of IBM and its Partner - "EC-leasing" Co. in the sphere of IBM Rational tools development, implementation, technical support and customer staff training.

Multiplatform applications design and support complete automated technological cycle demo is eloquent evidence of IBM Rational tool and technologies use efficiency.

The Competence Centre unique equipment, which comprises all IBM platforms, including IBM zSeries (zOS) mainframes, availability customers of experienced experts and real instances for demonstration contribute to drawing customers' attention and facilitate in popularization of IBM Rational products in Russia.